Tim Speedle And Danny Messer Slash

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Tim Speedle and Danny Messer Slash
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It was only a matter of time before I created a Danny/Speed community. I know there's a Danny/Speed shipper in you somewhere. Come on, let it loose. You might be surprised.

There are a few rules, however!

1. Be nice. Flamers will NOT be tolerated. If you read something and can give con-crit then feel free to do so. If you flame you will be booted out so hard you'll bounce.

2. The post must be slash, obviously. And it has to contain at least the Danny/Speed pairing. Threesomes and other pairings are fine as long as there is some element of Danny/Speed in there.

Headers for fics should be set out in the following way (or something similar containing the same info). Ones marked with a * are mandatory:

Pairing: *
Rating: *
Warning: (if applicable)
Spoilers: (if applicable)
Author's notes/dedications

3. All entries should be behind tags. This applies to all stories and/or icons. Even if it's only a short drabble please put behind a cut. There's nothing worse than finding an uncut entry on your flist.

4. Subject lines should be used. Please put the title of the story and the rating in the subject line.

5. Comment! If you like a fic, don't just sit there and think "I liked that". Tell the author what you thought. Trust me, feedback is always appreciated. But remember no FLAMES

6. Only post your own work. If you are posting for someone else, ask them to join the community as you will be banned for plagarism.

7. If you want to put a disclaimer in your post. But since it's time consuming you don't have to.

The work contained in the community are peices of fiction. The events in them, to our knowledge, have never happened. The characters themselves belong to various CBS bosses. The situations detailled in the stories belong to the author, do not use without permisson. No profit is being made from any of this.

This wonderful colour bar was made by Atilla.

Have fun!